Band-Member Bios

Mace - Guitar player

Mace- Lead Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica

Mace is the founder and de facto leader of Take Cover Band.  Mace is a multi-instrumentalist who sings and plays guitar and harmonica.  When Mace first started his guitar studies he hoped to play Metal Music but over the years his tastes have mellowed somewhat. He now enjoys and plays a wide range of rock and popular tunes. Mace has played with many bands over the years and continues to play in two active bands in the Victoria area.

Dave - Drummer

 Dave – Drums and Vocals

At age 13, Dave was taught to play drums by his father Mike who was a working jazz drummer in the Victoria area. Dave has been playing regularly in working bands in the Victoria area for the last 27 years. He brings to Take Cover Band his experience playing many styles of music including Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Big-Band Jazz, Latin and Funk. Dave has recently taken on the Take Cover Band webmaster role.


Bart – Bass and Vocals

Fifteen years ago a friend asked Bart “Hey you play guitar right? Why don’t you come play in my band?” Bart excitedly showed up to rehearsal only to find that “guitar” actually meant “bass”. Undeterred, he played his heart out and quickly realized that bass is the superior instrument. Since that time Bart has played with numerous groups in Ontario and BC, most recently joining Take Cover to provide the rhythmic foundation along with drummer Dave.


Ian – Guitar and Vocals

Ian is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who also sings lead vocals and harmonies.  Ian’s musical experiences started prior to kindergarten with his grandfather’s piano and violin.  He has played in bands ever since high school, and has acted as musical director for several productions over the years.  In addition to Take Cover, Ian plays bass in an all-original fusion band and has recorded several original songs in various genres.